• Huge, "picture window" range of vision
  • Impact resistant, anti-scratch and anti-fog treated polycarbonate lenses with tear-off posts
  • Plush, triple-layer face foam wicks away perspiration
  • Anti-slip, silicone-lined band
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Tear-Off 10 packs, replacement clear, smoke, and persimmon lenses available.
Price: $37.00

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- per Rockgardn.com

Rockgardn JAG Goggles

Goggles for me have offered mixed results. Because I've got four eyes. I'm a nerd, I read books, and I need to wear my glasses, especially on the trail. So finding a pair of goggles that I can wear on-top of my glasses has been a significant challenge.Of course the flip side of this is finding glasses that fit under goggles, but we aren't here to talk about that . So when I got the JAG goggles in some time ago for review I was very happy to find they fit perfectly on top of my current pair of glasses.

Why happy? Because goggles effect something I rarely hear talked about on the trail, our field of vision and how narrowing it down can focus our minds and improve your concentration while slaying the mountain side.

For me, not wearing goggles 100% of the time I've come to notice a difference in my riding courage and metal focus when I have a pair on versus just my glasses. The trail takes center stage and peripheral distractions have a greater chance of being blocked out. So for me, finding a pair of goggles that narrowed my field of vision and fit my glasses underneath was perfect.

The JAG goggles did everything I needed them to do. They breathed well, didn't fog up and helped me focus on the rock gardens ahead. They fit a variety of helmets just fine, and the anti-slip silicon band kept them in place no matter how rocky the trail became or how bad my Canadian head bob was. They also kept sweat out of my eyes, as well as dust and dirt. They did allow a fair amount of air flow but on cold days my glasses would fog up from body heat. The goggle lens never fogged though.

As far as appearance and lens options go, the JAG goggles are true to Rockgardn style of simple colors, black, white, and black/white/grey urban camo. There are four lens options, Clear, Golden, Persimmon, and Smoke. Golden for sunny days and a reflective gold exterior look. Persimmon for darker days or forest riding, designed to enhance light. Smoke for mild sunny days.

The JAG goggles also allow for tear offs though this is a feature I didn't use because I hate seeing goggle tear off litter along the trail side. Plus since I'm not racing for my pay check I'll take the moral high ground on this one. But I'll assume the tear offs work fine since I've asked others about it with out hearing negative reviews.

Over all I could find nothing wrong with the Rockgardn JAG goggles. Except the fact they don't phone home when left on the side of the trail at the end of the day. :(