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Rocket Ron?

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Hi, does anyone have the actual width of a 2.1 rocket ron? Also does anyone have any experience with the ust version, is it a little more durable?

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bholwell said:
That thread is where some of my confusion started. Everybody said the Rocket Ron is smaller then the Racing Ralph, till you get to Shiggy's chart where it says the opposite.
What about the Ro/Ro with the performance casing, would it be a little heavier version and a little more durable?
I think shiggy's chart must have an anomaly, or either the method for measuring is different to how the RoRo look. Usually tyres are measured on the width of the widest tread point....and due to the fact that RoRo's have wide knobs on a thin carcass the volume of the casing is much smaller. Looking at a 2.25 they will look slightly bigger than a 2.1 RR, but nowhere near the size of the 2.25 RR.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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