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Arnborg strik
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Just got a set from the postman today :thumbsup:
Pretty tall knobs from such a light tire,and sidewall feels pretty thin (like Race King SS).
Mounted them on a set of flow rims,will meassure them again tomorrow
when they have stretched a bit.Right now they are 61mm wide at 35psi.
They have a nice round profil on the Flow's.


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WOW thats pretty nice find there. now how does it ride? considering its no good to have light weight with bad traction.

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2.25"s are great

If the 2.40"s are anything like the 2.25"s then they will grip really well for such a light tire. They don't roll quite as fast as the Ralph, but faster than the Nic. They are a great choice for muddy, rocky, rooty courses. The sidewalls are thin though, so if you aren't racing, the Nic is a more durable choice.

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Agree with Williford

I'm using 2.1 Ron on front and 1.8 Nic on rear and the Ron grips better on loose than Ralph but is a little slower, but it is faster than Nic.

A great tire, I'll look at trying on on the rear later this month.
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