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As most of you know, our friend Chris Reynolds passed away just before Christmas. I've been helping his wife connect with his many friends here on the forums. There is an online memorial planned...

"Dear Family and Friends of Chris,

We have been very touched by the numerous tributes and messages we received following Chris’ passing on the 23rd December. We feel that the best way to come together to remember him is through an online memorial. This also has the advantage of being able to include his many friends and family from across the world. We are planning to organise this to take place on the 10th February at 19.00 hrs GMT (11.00 hrs US PT time (GMT-8)) and will be sending out joining instructions in the next few days. We would very much like to create an online event which captures Chris’ spirit and all the diverse and extraordinary aspects of his wonderful life. We would therefore ask you to share any memories you may have of Chris so that these can be included in a memorial video. In particular, we would welcome any memorable photos and/or audio or video clips that we might include. We would love you to record some audio and/or video clips of your own personal memories of him, telling us a little about your relationship with Chris and, if possible, the years you knew him. Please feel free to include photos of you with Chris or Chris on his own. Videos or audio should ideally be no longer than 30 seconds and can be recorded on a cell phone and sent via the website to [email protected] (or, in the case of a small file, direct to that email address). We will endeavour to include as many of your contributions as possible in the initial 45 minute event, but any footage that we are unable to incorporate for time reasons will be included in an archived file along with a recording of the event for people to watch at a later date. Please don’t hesitate to email us or [email protected], if you are having problems with the technical side of sharing your memories. Love and peace, Dee, Christina and Veronica, on behalf of Chris’ family"
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Christina reached out today asking for more help locally.

"Hi Ken- I was wondering- do you know anyone from the Tucson mountain bike group? It seems they dissolved into the mtbr or something of that nature. I am trying to figure out where the special place Chris would go to to meditate and also if I can get someone to speak about his trail work here."

Thank you all,

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