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rocker bolts washers....?

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Whilst giving the bike a quick service I noticed I had somehow lost a upper rocker bolt.
Ive got a spare one on its way to me but in preparation I undid the other side and a fairly thick washer fell out. I dont know if there s supposed to be a washer on the other side but it looks tight to get another one in the other side too.
Can anyone confirm if there are shims/washers on the upper rocker bolts?

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Thick washers, .125" thick. You can find a substitute I suppose. Don't go without em.
Hmm. Is there supposed to be a washer for each rocker bolt? My bike came with none..
I have a 05 or 06 ML. The washers are between the link and frame.
its odd because the rocket bolt threaded fits through the hold on the old bolt but not through the smooth bit near the head. On the replacement bolt the washer wont even fit over the thread but its very close to fitting.
to be honest, it doesnt look like there would be room for a washer on both sides.

This will teach me tocheck torque bolts before every ride :-(
i spoke to the uk importer to day and there are supposed to be some thick washers installed. They have sent me a a replacement one.

Am I correct in understanding th order of bits of metal from the outside to the inside (i.e frame is as follows)

nut, bush/rocker, thick washer, frame

Nice bike

Ok, I didn't know your frame was Ti. Dont think the steel bearing and the Ti would like each other. Could be why there are washers for your frame and not on my aluminum ML1.

Be sure to torque those correctly. The drive side has caused a problem for me and I check them often.
thats my fault - I didnt even think the material might have anything to do with it.
Anyway, ive got a spare washer on its way and a tube of loctite 424 here....hopefully that and the right torque should keep em snug. Ill be sure to keep an eye on the little buggers in future though, thats for sure!
Yep, loctite and a torque wrench. That'll keep em together. My ML is Ti with an al rocker.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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