I'm selling the RS Zeb that came with the Salsa Cassidy SLX I bought last spring. This fork has light-to-moderate use on chunky steep woods trails (no epic hucks) during one season. The fork has not been used enough to warrant servicing.

The fork has the very base level damper with only rebound adjustment possible. The damper can be upgraded to the Charger 2.1 RC2 for about $350, giving you a Zeb Ultimate for ~$400 less than the price of a new fork.

The steerer is ~20cm long, a star nut is installed. There are marks on the crown from headset race removal, stanchions and lowers have no scratches or marks. Fork offset is 44mm, travel is 180mm, for a 29" wheel. Brake mount is 203mm or larger, the axle is included.

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The fork ships at the buyer's expense (cost provided after I get an address) or I can deliver within the Ct/Ma/RI/ Eastern NY area.

*cat not included.