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Rock Shox Recon XC Air 100 or Coil 100

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I am upgrading the fork on my bike for something moderately better and I am wondering which of the above is better; coil or air. Air is $20 more, I casually ride XC trails and use my bike around campus.

I am looking to spend around $200, could possibly go as high as $250.

Would I be OK would any of this forks or should I be looking at something else? Any suggestions or imput would be greatly appreciated. :)
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The Tora is basically the same fork as the Recon with steel stanchions instead of the aluminum stanchions found on the Recon.

The coil spring U-turn version will give you travel options at the turn of a knob, but you may need to get a proper spring installed depending on your weight.

The air spring version will let you adjust to your weight with a shock pump, but to change the length of the travel, you would have to take the fork apart and add or remove spacers (spacers other than what may be in the fork are not included with the fork). Some 'All Travel' models (one that you change the travel internally) will adjust to 80mm, 100mm or 130mm and some will only go to either 80mm or 100mm.
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