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Rock shox Recon RL 130 upgrade to Fox 32 performance 150mm

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Hey all,
Looking to upgrade my RS Recon RL 130mm on my SC 5010 V3. I was planning to just jump up to 140mm but I can grab a 2019 Fox 36 Performance 150mm with the grip damper from a local rider that was a takeoff fork. I plan to grab this fork and try the 150mm, worse case I will buy the kit and convert to 140mm. Does anyone have any insight to how much of an upgrade this will be not only going up the 20mm but more importantly the performance of the fox 36 compared to the cheaper 32mm stanchion Recon ? I know they both have 3 position compression dial for adjustment.
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Totally different forks! The cheap and oversimplified Rekon will feel like garbage when stepping up to a 36. The chassis alone will feel totally different and IMO the GRIP damper is excellent for people who like to ride and forget instead of fiddling with adjustments.
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