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Rock Shox Recon Question

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I am thinking about gettin the recon and just wondering how the adjustable travel works. It says it has external travel adjustability, how does that work. Sorry for the dumb question. but just want to get more information before buying it. Thanks for any help.
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It's Rockshox U-turn system. There is a knob on the top of the right leg. Looks like this...

Dial it up or down to adjust the travel. I'm not sure how the internals work on a coil shock, but it does. It's a really nice feature.
does it come with the shock or do i have to buy the nob seperate
I don't have a picture with me, but basically there is a plastic washer type thing on the inside of the coil. When you turn the knob, the plastic washer stays in the same place and the coil extends past it, effectively shortening the length of the coil spring. I don't think I expressed that very clearly, but I am sure somebody can post a picture of the coil. It's a very simple set up. What I would like to see is how they do it on the air versions.
Great plush all arounder mid-price fork. One of my fav! Keep looking around and you may pick one up even cheaper.

85-130mm takes about seven turns on the u-turn knob...of course you can set the travel anywhere in between. Knob is very easy to turn while riding when travel reduction is desired. However, trying the increase the travel with the knob while riding is difficult to do unless you can wheelie or unlolad the weight on the fork...once off the bike, very easy to turn.
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