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Rock Shox REBA vs Magura RONIN?

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So, im in the market for a new fork for my Haro XLS frame, I was thinking of getting a 100mm Manitou skareb. But then I started reading up on the reba and ronin. I've always like rock shox stuff, I had a 2003 Psylo SL, and it was the smoothest fork I owned. I also found a brand new Magura ronin fork for $450 canadian shipped to my door. Perfect amount of travel for me (110), air, has stable platform, independent low and high speed adjusters, 3.5 Lbs, looks like an all around sweet fork. Should I hold off for the reba? or go with the Ronin?
When is the reba going to be available? and how much will the base model cost?
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Reba will be available in Early September i was recently told its three models will retail between $400 - $600 USD.
I have a Ronin 80mm and frankly I love it! I can't compare with the psylo, having never had the chance to try one (I'm an XC guy), but here is my input on the fork!

It's stiff! Excellent choice for disk brakes. The whole fork feels rock solid. No flex felt at all...
It's smooth! Once the seals wear in (and that takes some time), the fork is very smooth... As long as you don't have the damping dialed in too far! The Albert plus works well (the way I've set it it hardly bobs), but gives your fork that "stiff XC, lots of air pressure " feel if you dial it in too much. It greatly reduces bobbing (I never lock up my fork anymore), but is not like the Fox Terralogic where you are basically On/off. The ALbert is fully adjustable and you can find that sweet spot where bobbing is reduced, but you still get an acceptable "plushness" from the fork. But it takes a while to get a feel of what each knob really does...

Craftmanship is excellent! Very well made! You can clearly see that Magura produces high quality items. No cheap parts in this fork! You really feel you have a bullet proof component.

Maintenance... What maintenance???? :D Seriously, very little maintenance... Yeah I'll surely need to change the oil and lube the bushings at the end of the year, but probably not before that!

Weight: well, the fork was about 100g over the claimed weight... :( No big deal... But for a weight weenie like me... :( :(

So all in all, I'm very happy with my fork!!!!

Hope this helps!

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try the ronin

I, personally, stay away from both Manitou and Rockshox. Go for the Magura.
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