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Rock Shox Disc brakes

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So here is a random ? for any of you who are familiar with the Rock Shox/Amp disc brakes.

I want to make an adapter to run a standard 6 bolt disc rotor on a White Industries/Rock Shox front hub. Does anyone know the bolt circle diameter of the 3 bolt pattern for the Rock Shox disc brake? It is not the same as the 6 bolt ISO (I did check). I emailed White, and they have no specs for the hub (which seems weird if they made it, but whatever). I can't even see an email contact for Rock Shox on their website. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Ummmm that won't work. Rockshox front discs are about 163mm diameter. An standard 160mm rotor won't get full pad contact in the caliper. The Amp front is smaller, and neither the Amp or Rockshox front pattern is the same. The rear BCD is identical for both, and its also the same as Hayes ISO 6-bolt pattern (so Amp/Rockshox rear rotors fit ISO 6-bolt hubs just fine). However again, neither disc diameter is the same as anything standard for other brands. The Amp rear rotor is smaller than the rockshox and both are less than a 160 but more than a 140 as I recall.

I appreciate the heads up on the rotors at Bikewagon, I ordered them just for the sake of having them. What I am trying to do is run a BB7 front caliper and rotor on the WI/RS hub and a standard iso mount fork (Surly 1X1 rigid).

I have already calculated the necessary offset and just needed the BCD for the hub, thought maybe someone might know off the top of their head. I figured out a way to measure it fairly accurately (with help from another machinist who has been in the business for 30+yrs :thumbsup: ). I have the CAD model all made, and will test fit with a paper cutout to check my measurements. Thanks for the help, I will post pics of the finished adapter if it works!

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