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Flak Jacket no doubt about it.
Worth every extra penny.
At least with the Flak, you do NOT have to wear an under shirt. Nipples don't get rubbed raw. Neck line zipper does NOT bother your neck at all. (some zippers on other suits do)
Stays put, easy to adjust, and very comfy.
I give it 2 THUMBS UP! :D

Recovering Weight Weenie
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I really enjoy my presssure suit.
Not one complaint.
I have no nipple issues or any others for that matter.
I really like it.
My wife has one too...she likes it. Crashed twice today in it, and it did it's job well...
'Peace out." - Kip

Which one is better in terms of comfort and protection and quality? I want to replace my Z-5.
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