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To the roadie I had a run-in with tonight.

You were heading south on Moon on your bike approaching the Moon/Indian School intersection. Due to the sun and my rearview mirror blindspot, I didn’t see you as I turned south and we had a not-so near miss. While you were at the intersection light, I cut through the 7/11 parking lot to give you plenty of space as I turned onto Indian School. I proceeded to wave in your direction to indicate “my bad” at which point you flipped me off. I was hoping that the aforementioned wave and the presence of the two obvious bike racks on my vehicle might indicate two things; first, that I’m a fellow biker and second, that I meant no harm and was accepting responsibility for not seeing you.

After you flipped me the bird, I then felt more of a need to clarify my intentions and to try to establish some goodwill. You proceeded to ride away from me as I followed you, flipping me off more, slapping your ass in some sort of masochistic tic, and shouting something at me. I can understand why you would ride away from me. No one can be sure about what kind of maniac might be roaming our city streets. However, I was only hoping to have a short discussion clarifying my error and to make a peace offering.

Sorry it had to end like that. I’m a nurse and I genuinely care about people and really want more goodwill in the world. To that end, I leave you with this - I hope your ass isn’t too sore from all your self-flagellation.
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