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Road Trip Help (BC) - X-post in Passion and DH/Freeride

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Road Trip Help (BC) - X-post in Western Canada and DH/Freeride

Hey everyone,

My buds and I (intermediate freeriders and XCers) are doing our annual summer bike roadtrip and have planned on Sun Peaks to start with (departing from Vancouver). Our dates for Sun Peaks is July 14 and 15 and the morning of the 16th. All will head back to Vancouver except 4 (including me), who would want to extend the trip by a few more days (say till the 19th or 20th). The options so far are:

1) Vancouver - Sun Peaks - Panorama - Fernie - Christina Lake - Osoyoos - Vancouver
Lots of road time but have never been to these places to bike or chill

2) Vancouver - Sun Peaks - Williams Lake - Lillooet - Pemberton - Whistler - Vancouver
Been to Pem and Whistler lots - too crowded as well in Whistler

Our goal is to try something new and then have the latter part of the trip more relaxing than biking (i.e. hit a natural hot springs or something like that). We've done Silverstar, Golden and Whistler in the past and would prefer to try something different with the least amount of time spent on the road. Any input or advice (lodging, food, hikes, kayaking, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Oops...type of riding =

- singletrack / doubletrack flowy
- freeride-lite (ladders, 10-15ft drops, skinnies)
- going up AND going down is okay (i.e. epic or semi-epic)

Great scenery = bonus but hey, we're in BC, of course there would be some fantastic scenery!
Try Rossland

Rode there last summer and it was great. Some excellent freeriding and an IMBA epic trail in the Seven Summits trail. There are fun trails leaving from in town, a nice stunt park to warm up in and camping in town or down in Trail.
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