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road-mtn bike parts interchangeability?

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I just got a new (well, used and pretty old) road bike from a friend, and want to swap some of the parts from it onto my (also used and pretty old) mtn bike. The main parts I'm interested in are the cranks, rear derailleur, and freewheel. Is there a big difference between the parts in general or does a road bike use basically the same parts as a mtn., just with skinnier tires? I realize alot will probably depend on the specifics of the parts, just if they're totally incompatible i'd like to know before i tear everything apart. From what I can see everything looks pretty similar, but I'd appreciate some advice.
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Shouldn't be a problem...

but the cranks are likely shorter (but not necessarily), the rear derailleur is probably meant for a smaller cogset, and damn, you ain't kiddin' that you got an older mountain bike if it's still got a freewheel (and will likely have a smaller cogset than most mountain bikes)....the other general thought is that road bikes aren't meant for the same level of abuse as mountain bikes but better quality parts are better quality parts on both sides of the equation...good luck.
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