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road CrankSet! What to choose!

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hello there ppl!
my Name is Nelson i ride mtb and some road as training.

i have broken my old crankset..... and i am looking for a new one?
I want is good price/quallity....something about 130 € to 150€.

I ride a road biachi pro team race model.
With campagnolo 9sp.

what is the best for me? i want just two chain rings...something like 39-52 fitts well, my old one is 170... but i think one 175 is better for me case i use 175 in my mtb bike:p and I have about 6' 02 tal (1.82m)

I think the shimano 105 and ultrega are nice crankset... but i dont have the experience to tell. the ultrega weighs about 839g and the new 105 i dont know.... can some one help me.(both crankset have BB inclued..)

best regards and thanks for your time

Nelson Garcia (portuguese MTBIKER)
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First off, welcome to the forums. I'm sure you will get some folks who ride road bikes to share their opinions, but thought I might introduce you to mtbr's sister site. is probably a resource you might want to tap into for road bike specific needs.

Best wishes in finding the right cranks.

Make sure you consider the bottom bracket as well. Campagnolo uses square taper but its their own version of it so its not compatible with other square cranks. The new Shimano road integrated cranks are also very nice and incredibly stiff. I doubt you will be able to break one of those. The only problem is they are designed for 10 speed groups and will not be compatible or at least not work idealy with the 9 speed Campagnolo you probably currently have. You would have to look at the older 9 speed shimano cranks which will also require their own octalink cranks. If you want to keep it simple just stick to Campagnolo.
thanks for your fast answers!!

yes after i posted this topic i roll down and see the ... :\

i see there is a problem with that........ why does the cyclist need 10sp..bahhhhh i use 9sp and its OK :p

yes my old crankset i think doesn´t have a brand..... but his BB is quad shaped... i have damaged my crank because my MTB pedal get stuck and destroyed the O-screw :(
And i think the shimano tech integrated bb is much more stiffer than the quad axxel...

I am going to post thius post on the

thx mates ;)
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