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You can tar-&-feather me when we meet- this is road biking content...

Are you, or do you know many riders who would be interested in set weekly riders leaving from the Dallas Oregon area? If so, please respond briefly- either Dallas, Monmouth, Independence, etc. Salem, and Corvallis already have systems in place, but I looking for a more localized grassroots program in the Dallas area. Nothing too large or too organized- just aimed at building awareness and meeting riders. Both beginner designations and training type rides.

->Where from?
->Weekdays or Weekends?
->Mornings, mid-day, afternoons?
->Set days of the week or e-mail list serve?
->Just for the summer months? Winters too?
->Jacksonville OR, has one of the best weekly rides around with dinner afterwards- nice local people, great local knowledge of amazing roads, lots of personal style, free food, tempting?
->Other ideas?

Just testing the waters- theres already hardcore mountain bikers on schedule. The roads out here are just as beautiful- I want to take advantage of this fact.

Nick (I mountain bike and Cyclocross too)
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