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Road biased tires for 29ers

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Hi guys.

This is prolly a bit of a noob question, but if I want tires that are more road focused for my Giant 29er, can anyone recommend a set?

The best I have seen from some web browsing would be the WTB Vulpine but I guess I was looking for something more like the Schwalbe Land Cruiser

I like the idea of the smooth surface running down the centre with blocks on the outer edges. The Marathon looks maybe ok, perhaps a bit soft. I see the marathon plus is available in 29", but it looks very slick really.

Also, do the 700c tires fit the 29er rims?

Thx for any ideas :thumbsup:
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Yes, "29ers" are just 700c rims with larger tires.
i currently run 700x35 as road only tires. but thinking about swapping out to some Kenda Kross Plus 700x40
check out the Kenda Kwick or the Kenda Kwicker, depending on how smooth you want the center to be.

as stated above, 29er's are 700c wheels with fatter tires, so yes they will work
Schwalbe Big Apple Liteskin is great for city riding.
I'm running Vittoria cyclocross tires on my commuter. They're 30c I think...pretty skinny. There are a lot of 700c options out there. I had 35c schwalbe kojacks for a while, and I really liked them. They're basically a slick.
Ritchey Speedmax's are nice for road and gravel. Semi smooth center, with light side knobbies. Come in 34c and 40c. I run 40c on my CX bike for more road oriented rides.
suggest marathon xr's, i dig 'em.
also run kenda kross supreme and continental twister pros depending on conditions.

(other tires I'm running are apparently old cause I can't find them anymore on kenda or continental's websites!)

edit: sorry, I'm talking winter snow riding here... the marathon's will still be fun in summer.
I also suggest specialized armadillos, they're really tough, not terribly sticky unfortunately, but they last a good while.
Or if its road only riding why not get some road tires, like 28 or 30c. For group road rides I have a spare set of road wheels and tires ready to go. With same cassette (luckly I run a road cassette on my CX when riding it off road.) That could be an option too. Just takes a quick brake cable adjust.
If you want one tire to cover all your needs, I've found Crossmarks to be nice rolling tires that handle dirt well. If you're not pushing into 20mph+ speeds, I don't think you lose too much by having fatties. If you're on road with lots of debris, you probably want something with an armored casing (or go tubeless).
Serfas Drifter 29x2.0

If you're basically using a 29er to commute, these should be fantastic. I haven't ridden them, but I saw a bike locked up outside a bar that had these. They're huge and probably heavy, but they should deal with public pavement very nicely.
Wow - thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions - plenty for me to look at now :)
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