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Captain Cobb said:
I see that there are two options across the top, table rk and the back side. What is the prefered route? How much time will this take? I'm planning on staging my vehicles.
TR route seems to be questionable, maybe it depends on direction ridden? Vetran users will chime in I'm sure.

Captain Cobb said:
My gps map shows a trail separation about 1/3 the way out from the RLS trailhead, going right will take you to table rk. And left looks like it will take you about half way between Aetna springs and holms place. I just wonder if that back way is more rideable than the cliffs A.k.a table rk trail? I hope this makes sense.
Going left at the intersection you mention is the preferred route. Now it doesn't mean heading right is unrideable, as there's riders with way better abilities then myself that will disagree. That being said, some friends of mine, and of able talent, took this route (though from Holmes to Trk and down to 29) and had quite the adventure. Others I know usually head left and tie into OHM on the backside as you say.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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