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RL Monocog needs new Crank, Help!!

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Ok so this is my first SS and first 29er. Been bombing the trails and love it! Was riding down from the trail and noticed a wobble in my left crank arm. Bolt was loose. Just got the bike from a good friend used. Tried to crank mostly with my right foot but the bolt backed out and had to walk it the rest of the trail (flat thank god). Took it to my buddys shop and he cleaned it up but said i should get a better crank. I have a redline crank supposively made by Truvativ.

I need a crank thats good for a lot of climbing on a 29er. I jump alot. Any good picks from what I found Below?

+Truvativ Firex SS Crank 33T 170mm $69.94
+Sram Truvativ Hussefelt Crankset 36T 175mm $79.90
+Race Face Ride XC SS Crankset 32T w/BB 170mm $130
+Truvativ Stylo 1.1 GXP Crankset 32T W/BB 175mm $130

BTW thanks for any help in advance, Idk anything about this stuff other than I love riding
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Stylo 1.1 GXP is one of the best for the money. Consider it a significant upgrade over your stock square taper crankset.
I have the Stylo 1.1 GXP on my Monocog. No complaints.
bhc said:
I have the Stylo 1.1 GXP on my Monocog. No complaints.
Have the 1.1 Stylo GXP cranks on my mono9. They get the job done and were light on the pocketbook.
I also like my stylo 1.1.
wow, thanks for all the replies guys!! I guess Stylo 1.1 it is ! Haha. That made it easy. Can't believe that many guys ride the stylo. I'm order the goods tomorrow:thumbsup:
175 here. I get enough pedal strikes as it is.
I'll prefer Race Face over truvativ any day.

I just bought the Evolve XC in 170mm from Jenson for $100.

I didn't get the SS model, but big deal. I'll lose the rings and slap on a Blackspire mono veloce, and make do with the granny ring mounts.
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