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Rize tires??

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Hey fellow Rize owners! I've realized that for the trails I'm riding, the Rendez tires are good, but not good enough. I'm in NJ, and considering it's been raining for about, I believe a month now, I'm dealing with alot of mud. Also ride trails with a lot of loose pack (sand & whatnot).

I want to get some grippier tires that'll not slide around in the mud & loose sand/dirt, but don't want to sacrifice too much speed. Those of who who ride trails like this, if you've upgraded your tires...what did you get (tired/size) and how is the handling/speed?
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i like a michelin Xtreme 2.2 in the front and a 2.0 AT in the rear on my rize in rocky rooty terrain, i would run a michelin xtreme 2.2 front and rear for sandy.

i was not a fan of those tires that come stock at all.
the stock were pretty bad
i have ignitor 2.35 UST ones and they're pretty crappy in mud - reliably spin out.
I had some weirwolf wire beads in like a small 2.1 before that were better than that... so... definitely not ignitors. I hear that the michelin xc a/t are very solid for the mud though.
nevegal 2.35 stick-e on the front and 2.1 nevegal DTC on the rear.
Maxxis Minion DH Front 2,35 on the front and Maxxis Advantage 2,1 on the back. They are a bit slower than original tires, but I like this combo. 2.1 on the back is allmost as wide as 2.35 on fhe front (?!?).
be carefull with big tyres like the fat albert
i use a fat albert 2.35 and i have problems with the front derailleur (lx model) ...
the tyre touches the derailleur when i´m on the lowest chainring
I just raced my Rize on the stock Rendez's yesterday- it was a mix of dry, dusty, wet and muddy (after the river crossing), muck, loam, serious up and down-hills, and even some sand and gravel. They weren't great, and I was expecting terrible based on everyone's reviews, but honestly, they did OK. My tire pressure was a little high (35 psi), so it would have been better at a lower pressure.
I'm a fan of the Nobby Nic by Schwalbe. They seem to work good to great in all conditions. Plus the name is cool. :thumbsup:
I actually liked the Rize as a front tire, for Norcal conditions (dry, dusty)..they're a good size, have great cornering tread and a decent sidewall. I ran mine at 30psi front. I see lots of people complaining about them, but I imagine most are running 40psi...

As a rear, not so great. I felt they were a bit draggy and not so much traction.
When i got my new Rize i fully expected to switch out the tires as soon as possible but after a few rides on them i think i will ride them out. For the trails i run, they will do just fine for now, besides i do not ride when it is wet.

For the OP question. I run Kenda Nevegals before and they were great on the loose stuff
The OEM front tire is designed to pick up every little rock and throw it as hard as possible to the bike. As a Nokian fan, I have a couple of NBX 2.1, awesome in muddy trails.
I've been very impressed with the stock tires on the Rize. I wore out the rear at about 400miles but they hook up very good down here in South Texas. I am running Racing Ralphs now but I will go back to stock soon. So many people unload the stock tires that you can pick them up on ebay pretty cheap if you spend a little time.
Another vote for Schwalbe Nobby Nic. It's good pretty much everywhere, grips well yet rolls not too slow for such a grippy tire. I use Racing Ralphs most of the time though, similar tread but smaller knobs closer together, not as good in mud, rolls a bit faster.
i use
front --> tioga blue dragon 2.1 ( best front tire ever tried)

back --> nobby nick 2.35, love them on the back, alo of traction
The stock rendez wren't that good, so I switched to the always great nevegal 2.1's, here in vegas they get the job done wherever you're riding.
I run Continental Mountainking Tubeless 2.2 front and rear and very happy with them.
Specialized Eskar Sport. work great for muddy climbs.
My Rize came with the Maxxis Ridgelines, at first I did not like them, but I have found them to be great over wet mossy rocks and logs. No they are not that great in mud, but the mud tires I have tried have not been all that great over wet mossy rocks and logs either. And the Ridgelines roll with very little resistance. I will be getting another set when I wear these ones out. For pressures, I just run them with enough pressure that I don't feel rocks hitting the rims.
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