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Problem is.. one pawl in freehub is partly broken.. So the broken part has been removed to avoid friction and noise.. but freehub temporarily will work. So what I Need , is replacing pawl (guess it is hard to find) or freehub.. Shimano parts are more common.. So..
Has anybody replaced freehub in ritchey girder xc pro wheels with the one from i.e. LX or XT? Is this possible to attach shimano freehub to ritchey "zero technology" hub?

So far I have learnt that the same tool is used to dissasemble notch in a ritchey freehub as in shimano, and the same allen wrench to remove freehub from hub..

There is sram 9speed casette installed. So I suppose ritchey gear should be compatible with shimano?

ps. nice site I have found : my ritchey freehub looks like or almost like the one there.. But pawls seem to be designed badly and weak unfortunatelly.. in one place they are too thin unlike shimano;s which seem to be more rigid, stronger
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