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Ritchey Force Duro K

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I found a pair of these in my old parts bin (plus a set still on my wife's bike). Lightly used, but still serviceable with no cracking. Thinking of riding them on my Wicked, any reason I shouldn't put a good set of tires back into service?

Tom P.
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I just put a NOS Ritchey Z-Max tire on my bike about a month ago, and in just 400 miles, it is pretty well shot. The black sidewalls appear safe, but the knobs are brittle and tear off easily.
Had the same thing happen to me last year. Putting the bike on the roof rack to head North for the last race of the year and look up and a huge chunk of tread was missing!! Mine were gumwall z-max though.
Hi there!
I know it's a super long shot as your post about these specific tires is 12 years! old...
I have been looking for a pair of Ritchey Duro-K tires for quite some time now and during my search on the web I stumbled over your old thread from back in the days. ;-)
My question, do you still have these tires (maybe still on the bike of yours and your wife)? Used condition is absolutly fine as long they are not super abused or brittle and cracking.
Would be great if you could send me a PM.
Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.
Best regards,
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