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Ripmo carbon repair

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I picked up a 2019 Ripmo that I knew had a carbon issue where stones appear to have been lodged in between the pivot point of the rear triangle behind the seat post. I have a guy local to me that I've used before for carbon repairs, but wonder if there are some suggestions for someone who's done this specific repair before. Everything appears to be highly accessible to make the repair easy.
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That looks mostly like paint.

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The paint in there is thick, but a trusty sharp poking tool suggests there's more. This is most likely minimal, but I'd like it fixed nonetheless to have the bike right.
Maybe add some protection for that area too and avoid future issues.
That's the plan. There's another thread here of some solutions to prevent this issue.
It's clear the seller totally knew about this and played way dumb on the matter. The hack paint is an obvious attempt to hide the damage.
I'll still have a nice bike after getting this fixed, replacing all bearings, brakes, and servicing the fork and shock.
If you want the carbon repaired Matt at Appleman Bikes repairs carbon frames.
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I suggest putting some 3M Mastic Tape there, that along with Ibis's rock guard flap has kept my Ripmo in great shape over the last two years
Absolutely. There are pics in another thread where someone put a piece of squishy foam in there to occupy the space without impacting freedom of motion - further preventing junk getting in there that might make it past the Ibis flap.
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