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Ripley rear brake routing

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I just started a build on a Ripley and noticed that the rear brake is internally routed to the left side of the bike, which would work for right handed rear brake. All my bikes in the past I've ran the rear with the left lever. What am I missing here? Are all Ripleys like this? Would there be a problem with running rear to left with the cable also exiting the frame on the left?
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every single bicycle sold in the US as a complete is right hand rear. people who prefer otherwise have to change it. cable routing on some frames works better for this than others.
LOL, yeah after mentioning it to my buddies, apparently I've been building my bikes backwards for years. I grew up on motocross so it just made sense right was front. My last full squish had dual ports on both sides so I could run it rear left.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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