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Rip off?

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Just ordered some new shock bushings for my 08 Enduro from my LBS £16($24) each:eekster:
Strikes me as a bit expensive for a couple of bits of rubber :nono:
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To tell you the truth, most everything they sell in the bike industry is a rip-off! Think about it, a $3000 USD dirt motobike can do stuff that no MTB can ever do.

A lot of these costs are due to

- hype, marketing
- suppy and deman
- economic of scale (highend bicycles are not massed produced, so they cost more)

Some of these road bikes and their component costs are truly in the ransom area.

Having said that, it depends on the quality of the bushings. Some bushing are just cheap rubber. Some are high quality rubber. But $24 per bushing sounds a bit expensive though. Maybe it has to do with you being in the UK too, where availability might be lower than in the US. I bought 2 for dust seals for my E150 forks for $27 USD. I can't imagine a bushing is more expensive to produce than a dust seal!

I don't know mate. It's one of those thing that you can whine and ***** about it, but if there are no alternative sellers, then you're stuck having to buy them from the LBS. I don't like.
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Ordered heavy duty ones from TFTuned,a bit cheaper at £13.60 each but even the Fox/manitou/Rockshox ones are that price:rolleyes:
Typical UK.
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