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Noticed yesterday morning that the venerable Alps 4R on the back of the tandem was compressed right down. It's never done this before, and as I suspected, attempting to pressure it up just resulted in a lot of hissing from the seal.

It has sentimental value as it was the shock that the tandem came with, and it's always performed well on there. With it's big fat gold body being very different compared to current Fox rear shocks it gets kids asking if it's the new model. We always tell 'em it's a hush-hush prototype of next years model.

Neither of the two main shock service folk in the UK will touch it - I've tried to get it serviced in the past.

If I can get a seal kit my not so local bike shop are willing to have a go, but it's going to be three weeks or so before I get a chance to visit them.

Is it worth bothering, or should we just buy a more modern shock?
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