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RIP 9 question

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Any one running Reba Team 29er with maxle and larger than 185mm rotor? Just finished mine and after a couple rides found the front fork flexing at the axle under braking. Rotor is200mm with Formula Mega brakes. I weigh in at 220 with out gear. Maybe the rotor is just too much for the fork. Just wanted to see if any one had a set up similar and is seeing the same flex. I posted a similar question in the brakes forum as well. :skep:


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I can't speak for that particular Reba fork, but the 100mm QR I had briefly on my RIP with a 180mm rotor, what with weighing 240 wet, a 2008 model, was a flexy noodle under my weight and downright dangerous. It had a strong tendency to chatter while flexing, and pulling unbelievably hard to the left under hard braking.

I ended up going with a Manitou 120 x 20mm throughaxle. Much, much better in the chattering and flex department.
I run a Reba Team TA @ 120 on both my FS & HT bikes (Behemoth & Paradox), and use a 200 rotor on both with Formula Mega's.

I weigh 190 and have only noticed how stiff the whole front is, especially coming from a Reba 100 QR - comical noodle on steeps under braking, and a White Brothers Fluid 135. The Team is by far the better fork.

I would look at set up as the fork is well stiff.

Hope this helps
That Reba TA is a good fork, but still light and still flexing at the limits. I wouldn't worry about it, unless it bothers you. At your size, and that rotor size, you've got a lot of leverage against the fork.
Meh. I have a '06 REBA at 100mm on my EMD with a 203mm disc - Juicy 7 and I never noticed an issue with the braking either with the a through-bolt or the DT Swiss ratchet. I'm not claiming it was a stiff fork, but it did the job. I would expect the Maxle is stiffer. Perception is personal, obviously. FWIW, during my time on the EMD I ranged from 240-225.
BTW- I recommend droping the stock bash on the SLX and slap on a e13. Great aesthetic upgrade, and saves you some weight. I couldn't believe what that SLX bash ring weighed. Did the same on my WFO.
Thanks for the advice everybody. I ended up having a spare 200mm rotor and switched them out. Also swapped pads from front to rear. Checked and re-aligned front caliper as well. Seems OK!
Just got a little nervous since that section of the lowers is basically hollow. A buddy has a spare 180mm mount and rotor I can go with if it bugs too much.

Evasive - good idea on the bash. Saw the pic of yours and it does look sweet! It's the e13 supercharger right?
Yup, that's the one. The stock SLX bash really feels amazingly heavy when you take it off.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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