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Last year Ringwood State Park officials had decided that three illegally built jumps that landed on existing trails, were dangerous and had to be removed. I am very sad to report that two of these jumps have been rebuilt and the park has called in the Park Police to investigate the situation. The park plans to handle illegal trail building like vandalism of natural resources.

Jorba has worked very hard to get permission to build some really cool trails in Ringwood State Park that previously did not allow any new trails. We have gotten permission to build a legal route between Ramapo State Forest and RSP, that previously was hiking only. We have developed a relationship of trust with land management that allows us to work directly with them, even when Jorba insurance is in limbo.

It is a sad day when selfish riders build illegal trails and risk access for all mountain bikers. ALL builders need to get permission from the park and work out the details. There are great examples of cool trails with jumps being built around the country with permission from the land manger. Jorba is not looking to ruin anyone’s day, but we are not in a position to bail anyone out either.

We ask that this activity stop immediately! We hope that we will have the support of the mountain bike community in helping to protect our trails and access to our trails.

Spring is finally here! Lets get out, build trails (with permission from the park) and ride!
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