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Jorba / RVCC has some great news !!.... the next section of new trail in Ringwood has been approved by the park! Yes, more sweet single track will be available, but we will need some volunteers to help build it.

Next Jorba/RVCC trail work days:

Thursday July 3 - Ringwood, meet at Lot C 3:45. Will work til 7:45 finishing up the section near Lot C that was just built last month.

Sunday July 13 - Jungle Habitat, 8:45 work continues on new trail up there.

Saturday and Sunday July 26 & 27 - Ringwood - meet at Lot C at 8:45. Buliding of new trail begins.

All work days will count for Paydirt. Get Paydirt hours and win a new bike. Details and statewide work schedule here:

Thanks for your help, :)
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