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Ringwood / Jim Thorpe

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I've been to most trails in NJ and I'm looking for a good weekend trip. I've never been to jim thorpe, but the trail reviews on this page don't impress me. Ringwood seems a better option, but I havent been there either. I'm a fairly experienced rider and I love long climbs and fast decents. Suggestions? I'd be willing to go as far as the catskills.
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First off they are a bit different with Jim Thorpe having much bigger and longer climbs hands down it's not close. Ringwood offers a more challenging single track and there is a lot to ride but you should know where to go before you just go out riding. Ringwood is not comparabe to JT.

I have been to JT for the last 13 summers and family lives out there...There are incredible trail systems if you know where to go and should stop by Blue Mountain Sports in Town. You can ride along the Lehigh river or connect for a 80 mile loop throug many different trail systems. Try camping if your in the area at Mauch Chunck PArk at the top of the hill.

Best part is after a long ride hit up the Swiss Hotel for a 12.99 steak with salad and a nice cold Yingleung you can't beat the 24 oz steak. Go to PA you can hit up Ringwood any other time since you live here. ;)
Jim Thorpe

If you only have a weekend to spend what trials do you recommend? What camp sites are the best / most affordable?

AS I mentioned before the best way to find out if certain trails are closed is speak with Blue Mountain sports downtown...not hard to miss as there a total of 10 shops in all of JT.
A good start is riding Gailans Ridge which take tou up to the top around Mauch Chunkc Lake along the top rim down a flying downhill to the Coal Cracker...they sell tons of trail maps etc but ask the locals...American Standard and Deer Path may be closed with hunting but believe you should be good to go as there was a recent vote on the gamelands. Try calling Blue Mountrain before you go but the area is great and much different than here.
Don't know if Blue Mountain Sports is going to steer you right. I went there and asked about the trails. They showed me a trail that was "great fun". Well, it was just damn fireroad and that was it. Had a nice view, but screw it.

I used to like that place, now it sucks. I drove out to Kingdom Trails last weekend and it is well worth the drive to VT. If the PA government idiots put something like the Kingdom Trails around Jim Thorpe, the place would be heaven. But no, lets close it to people who have lots and lots of disposable income (buy $3000+ bikes) and cater to some of the hunters who spend nothing in town. Good choice, PA.

I wrote to some of their folks in government about the trail closures and even suggested trail day and season passes. They wrote me back describing the wonderful trail system they have -- along the Lehigh River and all the other rail trails. Guess they just don't get it.

Well, I like that area of PA -- hopefully these closures don't hurt the locals too much. I know I haven't spent any money there in the past few years (used to spend a bunch). Oh well -- I'll spend it in NY and VT now.

Rant over.
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JT Trails


Post over on the PA forum and ask for LAth. He is involved witht eh JT Trail Coalition. He has the goods. Joe - there is still a load of great stuff at JT. More rocks than you can shake a stick at!!!

Bob W.
Overlook scenery vs epic trails

JT - most trails appear closed and in need of heavy maintenance(many many downed trees), although this was an observation from about 1-2 months ago. The gorge overlook from jeep trail are great. Camping here might be a hassle, I'm not familiar with offtrail mtb friendly campsites, but could be done if you find a good parking space and let some people know where you're going to be at(I've seen campfire setups just off jeep trails)

Ringwood - great network of jeep, singletrack, and downhill trails. A nice Shepherd lake for a cool dip. Again depending on where you park, some areas are available for camping I've seen spots where people have setup camp (Cannonball Lake, Bear Swamp cabins and primitive campsites) but I'll clear it with someone before attempting it.

Ticks, rattlers, and mosquitos are in full effect at both areas. Someone suggested Kingdom Trails, they're a more mtb camping friendly place this time of year.
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