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Rincon to 69er?

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How badly would making my 2008 Giant rincon SS 69er mess up my geometry? Also, is it O.K. to run a 26" wheel on a 29" fork? (Until I can afford a new front wheel).
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I've actually made the conversion on the same exact frame using a White Brother RS rigid (465MM a-to-c) fork. I rode it before I made the full switch to a 29er. It worked out very well. The increased offset of the fork helped to keep steering lively. Also, I did ride it using a 26 inch wheel in front and I must say that it was very harsh of a ride. I'm glad I did it though because it gave me a greater appreciation for my 29er.
I should note that I'm not manly enough and our trails have way too many tree roots, so I would definitely not want a rigid...
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