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RIMS=Velocity Blunts VS Halo Freedoms ?

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I'm planning on having a set of wheels built. I want white rims so my choices are Velocity Blunts or Halo Freedom Discs.

Can anyone offer opinions on these, based on their experiences with either of these rims?

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I found the Blunts to be light and neat looking, they're not super strong but can build a nice decent wheel. I found the metal they're made of to be quite soft, very susceptible to dings, bends, and flat spots. I know because I dinged them on more than one occasion, bent one, and flat spotted one. I had a total of six Blunt wheels on my bikes two years ago and I'm down to only one wheel now. A local taco'd his front Blunt fairly easily. Good, light rims best suited for lightweight people, but if you plan on thrashing them really hard, go for the Halo.

Also, they're pricier but Stan's rims ( are available in white now :)

oh, my white Blunts...
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Frankly, I don't have any experience with either wheel, but I was doing a little research awhile back on the Halos as a clydtastic replacement for my current wheelset and came across a few threads that may be of interest to you:

Halo Freedom 29 rim: 1 up, 3 to go!

White 29er Rims?

There were also a couple of threads related to Halo Freedoms going tubeless, as well. I think MTBR member Speeddub.nate (or something clsoe to that) and AL29 have run the Halos for quite awhile.
I can't comment on the Halos (yet) but my Blunts were simply terrible, terrible rims. My worst 29er rims ever and I've owned all the usual suspects save the Halos and Stans.
Flows come in white...

...and how hard is it to paint (or have them painted) rims?
dragbike said:
I'm planning on having a set of wheels built. I want white rims so my choices are Velocity Blunts or Halo Freedom Discs.

Can anyone offer opinions on these, based on their experiences with either of these rims?

Outside of the color choice, what is the intended use for these rims and your riding weight? The NoTubes ZTR Flows come in white as well and provides a wide tubeless ready rim if you were thinking of going tubeless as well as being white. American Classic now offers there MTB 29 Disc wheels in white as well as their All Mountain 29 Disc wheels for the 28mm wide rims.

I've got the 36H Blunt rims laced to King ISO Disc hubs with Sapim spokes. The wheelset is a combination of strong, stiff and relatively light for wider rim XC duty use. They've been fine and dandy for my needs, but I will have to tip my hat to Soupboy's tenacity that these light rims may not be cut out for his use beyond XC riding or for heavier riders who may be more prone to destroying wheels. If you just look at the rim weights, you'll see the obvious...

Blunts weigh 474g (that's what my 36H rims weigh)
Flows weigh 525g
Sun Rhyno Lites weigh 599g
Halos weigh 635g

Choose a good wheel builder to dial in the wheel build for your weight and intended use so that the proper components are chosen from the get go. Lyle at Spin Lite Cycling builds Velocity and Sapim products with top notch precision.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Disclaimer: he built my Blunt wheels. Mike at Lace Mine 29/Big Wheels does excellent 29"er wheel builds with the experience and savvy to back up his recommendations. Disclaimer: he built my Delgado Disc wheels.

Again, I think if you move beyond the cosmetic requirements of wanting white and look closer at the rims to pick the one best suited for your weight and riding needs you will be very content.

My Blunts are just fine for my XC needs. They have never been dinged, gotten a flat spot or gone out of true.

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I ride halo freedom/dt/CK wheels and am very happy.

I ride VERY low pressures and normally bottom to rim on every other rock ledge and the rims take the abuse fine. Occasionally I do a really hard hit and repair the rim with a vice or pliers, but all round impressed.

Out of the factory the wheels were the stiffest I had ridden even compared to 26".
I have several sets of Halo Freedom rims and they have been fantastic. They stay true and work great with high volume tires.

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I weigh 215 and do an agressive style of XC. I will takes jumps in the 2- 4 foot high range. More concerned about strength than weight.

I'm pretty much sold on the Halo's. The rear is being laced to an Astrix hub with a 10mm thru axel. The front to an Azonic hub that can be used as a 20mm thru axel or a 9mm QR. Will be using as a 9mm qr until I save for a fork w/20mm axel.

thanks everyone!!
Nice build!

BruceBrown said:
Dude, that came out really nice. Great choice!
Yeah, those blunts/bike look like they were made for each other!!! The Freedom > blunts. I also would rather take freedom over a blunt!
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