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I recently tried on some Velox rim tape, but the adhesive is absolutly shet house. The rim strip goes on ok, but it doesn't stay on and that's before I install any tube or tyre. I had to line the first layer with electrical tape, sticky side up for the Velox to stick.

The thin rubber mess that almost all bikes come with is a no go, any 'high' pressure and the rim tape is useless.

I've used Michelin rim bands, they're semi-rigid making then execellant for high pressure and gives a very solid platform fot tubes to sit on. But the problem was I got the wrong size too narrow, so the rim band slipped into the 'spoke recess'.

I'm thinking of trying Continental rim tape, are they any good, better than the Michelins or at least Velox? Or is the adhesive just as weak as Velox?

Any other good reccomendations?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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