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Rim identification help, checkered flag?

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Hey guys. So I'm potentially purchasing a complete bike on ebay but the seller is playing dumb and dont know what wheelset is on the bike. I've been through all the fishy stuff, talked to the manufacturer who contacted the dealers of there bikes to make sure its not stolen so I really think this person is just that dumb (they say they are selling it for her son who just moved to new zealand and the bike never touched dirt...) Anywho, beyond the fishiness can you identify this rim?

The only identifying marks I've seen from the provided pics are a checkerd flag and a small american flag. It should be a xc/am rim based on the bike they are on... Any help would be great, I just cant think of any rim with a checkered flag pattern for the life of me.
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Arrow Racing, can't be more specific as I have no experience with their rims. Pretty well regarded DH and 4X hoops IIRC :thumbsup:
Alright, just checked it out and think you guys are right. Thanks!
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