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Rim advice for new wheelset requested

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I am seeking a bit of guidance in choosing rims for my new 26" wheel build.

I will be running these with disc brakes and tubeless, probably going with Hope hubs.
I weigh ~155-160 without my Camelbak on and these wheels will go on my '09 Ellsworth Epiphany to replace some well worn DT Swiss XR 4.2D rims with 340 hubs. I am also running a SRAM 2X10 drive train.

My goal is to end up with lighter, stiffer but still dependable wheels.

I am a trail rider but I never do big jumps or big drops. I will ride down through rock gardens and drops of maybe 18", but rarely get more than 12-18" off the ground jumping obstacles. I live in CO and routinely ride the front range and out in Fruita and Moab. I love leading the way (or trying to lead) up the mountain during group climbs so weight is important, and then tend to feather the brakes on the descents a bit although I will move pretty fast through small rock, baby head and root strewn trails. I slow down for bigger obstacles. I'm in my 40s so my big hit riding days are behind me but I still ride everything the group decides to ride. Mostly a mix of trail and XC.

So with this all in mind, which 26" rims would you recommend?

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I'm a little new to wheelset upgrading, but I ride a similar style as you and from researching here have decided on Stan's Arch. They are supposedly light and stiff and are decently priced. There are also heavier or lighter models of Stan's depending on what you need and they give you the option of going tubeless as well. Good luck.
I would look at the Stans Crest or WTB Laser TCS XC rims. The WTB rims are UST compatible if your going UST or Tubeless Ready tires. The Crest works best with standard tires converted to tubeless. Both are under 400grams a rim.
im pretty much a 20 year younger clone of you it sounds like and im going with crests.
I'm a huge fan of running tubeless, and really like the Stans Crest wheelset. I do mostly xc riding, weigh about 150lbs and run tubeless with low psi for better traction. My only regret is that I didn't buy these wheels sooner.
Done. I went with Crest (black) rims, Hope Pro II hubs and DT Revolution spokes in a 3X/3X. Also black brass nipples.

FWIW: I emailed NoTubes and specifically asked them which rims were stronger, the Crest or the Alpine. I heard back from 3 different folks at NoTubes; unanimously the answer was the Crest rims. They are only 10g heavier than the Alpines so that was an easy decision.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Will post a photo once the wheel build is complete. I also have some XO kit on the way and need to install that as well.
Slight change to the plan.
Hubs just arrived today from the UK.
Brand new from the factory Hope Pro II EVO Hubs.
I'm pairing these with NoTubes Crest Black rims, DT Swiss Super Comp Black spokes and black Pro Lock nipples.

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For freeride/AM, I'd go for 721s, you want something with vertical strength. For DH, I"d go with 729s, the bulk of the strength lies in the lateral (sideways) region.
You must have missed the part where I said "I am a trail rider but I never do big jumps or big drops. I will ride down through rock gardens and drops of maybe 18", but rarely get more than 12-18" off the ground jumping obstacles." I don't do FR or DH.
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