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right RP23 for Slayer SXC 50?

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So I bought a used 2007 Slayer SXC 50 and it came with a 2010 Fox RP23 with the velocity tuned M, rebound tune M, boost valve tune 175. I noticed other RP23's have three bars for rebound and velocity tune with one bar highlighted, does M= the middle bar on the other RP23?

I weigh about 195 lbs. with gear and I feel that even with the pro pedal on the bike kinda bobs alot uphill, which got me wondering if this is the right shock?
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anyone want to look at their slayer and tell me what the velocity tune, rebound tune, and boost valve tune. is on your fox rp23
I had an Push'd RP3 on my 2007 SXC and it was medium Pro Pedal and medium rebound tune, but there's enough differences in the RP23 (especially with the Boost Valve) that that's not a good indicator of the RP23 tune.
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