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RIG to a Sir 9 ?

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I have been looking at the Sir 9 frame for a long time now. I am riding a GF Rig which to me seems to ride nice. I thought this would be the place to ask if anyone has gone from the Rig to the Sir 9 and get you opinion of the ride. I will still keep the Rig as I want a geared bike, and always wanted a really good steel frame. Thanks for any feedback.
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I'm adding an AIR9 to the stable instead of the SIR....

I also have a Rig, which I ride a lot and generally love. I was looking at the SIR9 for a geared bike as well, but was smitten by the AIR 9 because of the significant weight difference.

I can appreciate the steel thing - I have a custom steel CX bike that was built around an 80mm fork and I ride it as a full 29er MTB (only with drops) a lot of the time - but, at least in the case of the Rig, the big wheels seem to work magic in terms of keeping things smooth.

I figure I can build the AIR9 up around 22-23 pounds with a REBA. We'll see in a couple of weeks!!!

Good luck with the decision!

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I did exactly what your considering...

I sold my Rig and got a Sir Nine. I am happy with it even though I only have four rides on it.

Actually after getting the Rig I sold my S-Works Stumpy so I could get a 29er gearie. I built up a Salsa Dos Niner (which I love). After riding that I became less satisfied with the Rig. Now that I have the Sir 9 I find the Sir 9 to actually be a bit stiffer than the Dos even though the Dos is scandium. Even if you take your Rig parts and put them on a Sir Nine its a great upgrade.
Just Do It!

Went from a Rig to a Sir 9 and the ride quality is 1000% better. Steel is so much more comfortable, plus you don't have to worry about when the Gary Fissure of the seatpost intersection is going to take place. I broke on Rig frame and waited 4 months for a replacement. I basically transferred the parts from the Rig to the Sir. You won't regret it.
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