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Rig Rear Hub Question

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I have an 05 Gary Fisher Rig. I want to use the rear wheel on my geared bike. Will the Rig's stock hub accept a 9 speed cassette? It looks to me like it will, I just haven't tried putting a cassette on it yet. Thanks.
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Not a stock Rig hub...

No way 9-speed cassette would work; the stock hub's freewheel is too short (but just right for dishless SS).

Some here and elsewhere have added a set of three or four cogs to that hub's freewheel, and then (after spacing them for the correct shifter, 8- or 9- speed) adjusting the greared bikes derailleur to match. Finally, the chain benefits from shortening to better fit the new range in the rear.

It would be a lot of work to do once, and it certainly wouldn't allow simply swapping the wheel between bikes / rides, and would greatly compromse the geared range.

Of course the wheel on your Rig might not be the stock SS Bontrager, if you bought the bike used.

Best bet is to buy or build a wheel for the geared bike, and leave the stock Rig alone!

Good luck!
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OK. Great. That is what I thought but was wanting to confirm this.
The stock Rig rear hub takes cogs, instead of a thread-on freewheel? So I can just get cogs to play with gear ratio on my soon-to-come Rig? Standard Shimano cogs?
Yes, Yes, Yes!!
Some spacers from old 9spd cassettes also.
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