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Hi Everyone. I'm a newcomer to the Marin forum, as I've recently picked up my first Marin:) . I couldn't pass up this 2001 Rift Zone, as it is in fantastic condition, and perfectly fit the bill of what I've been looking for: a lightweight XC full-suspension with a cockpit similar to my hardtail (a '96 Trek 8000).

I haven't had a chance to get it in the dirt yet. Can you guys give me an idea of what I can look forward to? The frame is identical to the Mount Vision. The fork is a Manitou Mars and the rear shock a Fox Float R. Components are mostly Deore. I'm amazed that the weight seems just a pound or two more than my Trek, which is about 25 lbs.

I know the 2001 Marins were well-reviewed back then. How does the design stand up today? I'm not looking for "state of the art" performance, especially considering the deal I got on it. I just want something a little different to play on. Any opinions will be greatly welcomed.

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