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Riding with ZZ Top!

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Saturday, I had the pleasure of riding with one of the members of rock's legendary ZZ Top. Good Times.

Here's a waterfall clip from yesterday.

Hosted by Fooriders. Thanks, Termie!

Videos by Gary.


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Awesome! It would be cool if his bike was covered with white fur, or if he had shiny little ZZ keychains dangling from the bars or something. Gives new meaninig to the lyric, "shufflin through the Texas sand..."
Oh Man, ZZ Top!

Well, if admissions are to be made, here are mine on ZZ Top:

1. First rock and roll concert.

2. First real "backseat time", if you get my drift.

3. First time talking my way out of a speeding/drinking ticket.

(I know that drinking one isn't PC anymore, but it was 1976, I was still in high school, on the swim team, and one of those tickets would have spelled all kinds of trouble in all kinds of places!)

I still listen to Tres Hombres and Fandango a couple times a year!
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Aqua, sheer class, as always, I'm lovin' your work...
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