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Riding with a wedding ring?

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I just got married 2 weeks ago and just got back from the honeymoon. I am so anxious to get on my bike but was wondering if most people ride with their rings on or take them off? Not sure if its a safety issue or anything else. I take it off to surf so I dont lose it, was wondering if I should take it off to ride too.
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On, under glove. It ain't going nowhere.
I have kept it on now for 21 years, seems to stay on just fine.
I leave mine on hotel nightstand while I ride. ;)

Common respect.
First off, congrats! I ride with mine on but I use full fingered gloves.
I figured it wouldn't go anywhere with a glove on, just wondering if it was an issue like working with it on. Crashing and smashing it? Figured I would leave it on, just wanted to get other opinions. This marriage thing is all too new to me!!
If I'm riding a ton I sometimes leave it off cause the callus gets huge next to it and I end up having to shave it off, but usually I just leave the ring on. Mine's Ti so I may lose that finger if I have a bad hand fracture, but who cares. I have a funky 6 finger typing style that doesn't use that finger anyways :D

Besides, she rides with her's and it's actually worth something more then sentimental ;)
Off in case of inury, ie finger swelling due to fall...Also, I lost some weight and I am scared it will slip off while riding.
A slim, well fitted ring should be no problem under bike gloves. Loose rings can sometimes slip off unnoticed when you pull your gloves off.
How are you going to meet any single mtb hotties if you are wearing a ring out on the trail?

JK, I wear mine all of the time. I have a Ti ring as well so it is indestructible. I would be concerned if it was a gold as it might get pretty bent up.
Mine is always on.
It is a simple white gold ring. Full finger gloves whenever I am on a bike.
Mine is on. 14K white gold. Love the titanium rings, but are difficult to cut off in an emergency.
Congrats! I just got married at the end of April. I wear mine when I ride!
I normally put my Ti ring in my Camelback while riding. They are nearly impossible to cut off should you hurt your hand and it starts to swell. Gold can be cut with wire cutters. If you have a tungsten ring take it off for sure. Very few hospitals will be able to to cut it off.
ti ring here - never worn during spports in case of injury.
medic cutters WILL NOT remove Ti rings....
I always wear mine
9K gold with 2 tiny diamond studs
ain't had any probs
don't currently wear gloves but will proberly take the ring off when I get some gloves & put them in my hydration pack
I've read and seen one Tungsten Carbide ring somewhere here. Quite nice, and supposed to be really scratch resistant. I was thinking about getting a pair, and the web has tons of places selling the same ones all for different prices, claiming they are different.
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