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wounded knee
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I'm recovering from a broken Tibea Platoe fracture, 25% knee joint destroyed, metal plate, and 10 screws, this is part of MY PT:thumbsup:
Started at the Garden Drive in, nice flat well groomed double trail, found what looked like a old Train Station, a old Cemetary, one stone was from 1817!
Nice scenic route of the River and Mountains, through the small town of Shickshinny, and to my goal of the Moconaqua bridge.
From there it was a 8 mile ride back to the truck, so all in all a 16 mile ride.
Man, riding on crushed stone is a LOT harder than the road riding I'm used to! There is NO coasting, and plenty of resistance, peddling nonstop for 16 miles is tough!

Here's a video of the pictures I took along the way.
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