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riding the north shore

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I seen on the weather channel that since it's been mild and raining cypress hill doesn't have much snow? so will anyone be able to ride out there. I want to go riding there, when I'm in vancouver for the olympics. Any chance of getting some riding in?
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The bulk of the riding is well below the ski hill anyway

but Fromme and Seymour are also pretty clear of snow although some of the highest trails like CBC are closed for the winter.

But it's a crap shoot, we could easily have 6 feet of snow on the mid-mountain by mid-February (we've had almost 2' of snow show up on one Valentine's Day, as low down as 100m)
It's an el nino year. I'm predicting low but not freezing temps, rain, and signifigant wind. I still want to go riding though. What are my options?

p.s. - I'm flying in from out of town for the games, where I'll be doing the security.
It will likely be a Pineapple Express winter with lots of rain and warm temps, just because we were buried in snow last winter. But you just never know here.

If you're traveling without a bike, check out Different Bikes in North Vancouver, they're near the base of Mt.Seymour and they rent suitable bikes (although it may be a bit early in the season to have a big rental inventory).

Check out the Gutsploder links for photos of what those trails look like, that may help you make some decisions on what you want to try. Seymour and Cypress have some shuttle potential but Fromme is entirely people powered climbs. Cypress is likely going to be limited access because of the Olympic road controls but Seymour and Fromme should be unaffected.
Looking warm and wet for the next 2 weeks....


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hey I'm in vancouver now, anyone know what the trails at seymour are like?
Seymour would be wet but rideable, except CBC which is closed for the winter.
hey, what are some tour guide/outfitters in vancouver. I was reading about one, a week ago, I can't remember the name. They do introductory to downhilling and they have summer camps for kids. Any others I should look into?
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