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For years I've wanted to spend some of my winter riding cross country trails near Puerto Vallarta, after meeting someone in Deep Cove, BC who spends most of his winters there. The problem is that whenever I do searches for single-track trails south of the border, I don't find much of anything, even from outfitters. They are all quite vague about what they consider a trail. It wasn't until I read an article by a pro downhiller that I found out that Costa Rica has not one single track trail in the entire country. In the Mexico forums, people will discuss trails that often turn out to be washed out and rutted dirt roads or poorly maintained cattle trails. Actually they are unmaintained. I saw a group of photos for one trail that showed six foot deep ruts where seasonal rains flooded the trails.

Has anyone found a sight that discusses the best locations for single track trails in Mexico? I would want to see pictures to verify they are actual single track trails intended for mountain bikes and not old hiking trails that are not suitable for biking on.

Example: here is a web site called "Singletracks". The first three trails are all roads...

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Mexico

Advanced • Chipinque Road in Monterrey, Mexico
it's a great training for uphills, you can combine road and trail in here, this map is from the beginning of the entrace of the park to the hotel, the road is pavemented, but you spin to 4.3 miles of steep hills. if you want to can stop on the top and get down, or get into the mountain to ...

• Historic Cuadano Trail in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Discover some historical background from Baja biking through almost forgotten roads, ride along hidden valleys, canyons and mountains where amazing fossils have been found. A few miles of this trail run through an aroyo, or a dry river bed, between amazing red cliffs. The trail then weave...

• Huasteca-rompepicos in Monterrey, Mexico
it's a pavemented road, dirt, rocks ride. You get to drive into the cannion, see all the mountains, the dessert, great weather, and arrive to the damn, get up there, have a look a picture and then get back
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