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Riding PUC trails on Saturday?

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I was thinking of riding up around PUC in Angwin tomorrow, but I was wondering if that was okay since the trails are on private land. I seem to remember that the Napa Valley Dirt Classic and Howell Mountain Challenge are held on Sundays and they don't allow pre-rides on Saturdays. I wasn't sure if that was just to keep traffic down those days or if Saturdays are always off-limits.

Anyone know?

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From the PUC race website here:

Race is held on private land (PUC campus). NO PRE-RIDES!!
Sounds like it's off limits to me...
Right, but to me it's not clear if that means every Saturday or just the Saturday before the race....
Probably should call them to verify, burt I would say if the entire town is shut down on Saturday, that probably includes the trails across private lands..:nono: Probably not even worth the risk of it being an issue and jeopardizing future access ... Just go to Cobb, it's only a little farther..:thumbsup:
PUC is a Seventh Day Adventist school. The whole town of Angwin is Seventh Day Adventist. Try buying a steak at the grocery store - :nono:
My understanding is that Saturday is their Sabbath and somehow allowing evil infidel mountian bikers on the trails is wrong.:rolleyes:
Officially, the area behind PUC has areas that do not allow tresspassing. And some of the area does allow trail users.

Unofficially, you can ride the trails as long as you don't piss off any locals. Be courtious (sp?) and have fun. Just don't ask for a trail map.


Octane said:
Just don't ask for a trail map.

Those you'd have to get from the jibmaster. ;)
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