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Riding Options in Southern Colorado March 24-28

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I'll be driving from St. George, UT to Memphis, TN around this time and was wondering if there are any good riding options that will be open (no snow) around this time period in the Southern Part of the state. Any suggestions? What about Cortez? It seems deserty and likely to be ridable then. Isn't that where the infamous Phil's World is? Anything else? FYI, I've done all of Fruita. Love all the areas. Great riding. I'll be coming back with a couple of buddies mid May for our annual Fruita/Moab trip so I'll pass on this trip. It's little North of where I'd like to be passing through. Prefer to hit something in the lower Southern part and then drop down to I-40 all the way to Memphis. Possibly a stop in ABQ for a ride as well. Thanks in advance.
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Hey Chuckie33,

Definitely hit up Phil's if you get the chance. You will just have to watch the weather leading up to the dates you are passing through. At that time of year it could be sunny and warm or mud or snow. If Phil's is a no go it is possible the trails in Farmington, NM are ridable.

You *might* even be able to hit up the town trails in Durango. Although some of the trails are under seasonal wildlife closures.
Thanks for the info. I'll be watching the weather around that time. Hopefully I can ride Phil's at least and maybe get some more good riding in. I'll be doing some research and post up closer to then and maybe find a guide in exchange for some tasty beverages.
Salida is dry right now and has lot's of good singletrack options.
desert flower said:
How's Gunnison? Hartman Rocks?
Snowing, won't be open for riding for a month or so.
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