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The wife and I went last Thursday to ride Northstar. For the second run down the hill we decided to ride over to Sawmill Lake. As we were walking our bikes up from the lake back to the lifts we came upon a brown bear in the center of the trail. We were about 40 feet from it and it just looked at us and sat there.

Since this was an uphill section and were all ready tired we headed back to the lake. After figuring out it would take too long to hike back up the hill and go around we took another trail 100 yards higher then the bear.

Later in the day we were on Triumph and came across another bear. This time a worker on an ATV was there. He stopped to throw rocks at the bear. Since we were on a downhill section the wife and I pedaled past them.

The worst part was that my wife lost her new prescription glasses during the first bear meeting.

After talking to some of the workers at Northstar it seems bears are common there.
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