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Riding in Gloucester co

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Hey, Im new to the Sewell/ Washington Township/ Mantua area. I've heard of decent riding over at the Community College (GCC) but i dont know which way to go etc... are there any other spots in the area i could hit up as well. Im an xc racer btw but I'll ride anything at this point! Thanks!
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There is a race at GCC in july. Last year Action wheels over on rt 45 in woodbury heights had a sunday am MTB ride there to prep locals for the race. I was at the shop a few weeks ago, mentioned to me that they will be doing it again this year.

GCC has some new stunts there, a few 4ft tall loog overs, a skinny bridge ect. No long climbs, just rolling hills with some short steep climbs. No rocks, lots of roots and some loose sand in a couple spots.

Ceres park in mantua is nice too, a bunch of log overs, couple skinny bridges. No rocks, lots of roots though.

Where are ya from???

Best ride less than an hr from this aera (im in deptford) is wissahiccon park in philly. Indian side is very technical and rocky, Inn side is smoother/less techinical. Still plenty fun though. I have been riding there since 92, back then it was SICK. After the ATB boom in the mid 90's, alot of the crazy stuff was removed to avoid injurys. Also around that time, a permit was required to ride there. I used to send in a $20 "Donation" every year. but last year, my check was cashed, never got a pass. I didnt get a pass this year, still ride there maybe 2x a month without a prob. Every time I mailed in my permit form I mentioned that they should have the permits available at the Valley green inn or local bike shops, if it were easier to get them, many more people would go thru the trouble to get them.

hope this helps....sorry for the rant on wiss
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thanks byran,

im in mantua now, but I used to go to school at Philadelphia University (Textile) which is litteraly next to the wiss so i know it well. I'll have to check out GCC, and Im right near action wheels, so I'll swing in there as well. Thanks!
I think Bry03 hit the nail on the head with both Ceres Park and GCC. As far as GCC goes its fun for a quick ride. About an hour to hour and a half to do the entire trail. Then you can turn around and do the whole thing in the opposite direction if your not satisfied with just one lap. You can't really get lost back there, just find a trail into the woods ( I usually go in by the tennis courts) and just go. it's one big loop and it will eventually bring you right back to where you started.

Ceres park on the other hand is a little tougher. There are a lot of trails back there but it helps to ride with someone who knows the way around. Make sure you find the bridge to cross the stream. The majority of the good riding is on the other side of the stream from the side you park and start on. There are a lot of short but very steep trails, log overs, wood bridges and even a teeter-totter deep in the woods. It's surprisingly challenging for "flat as a board" south Jersey.

Both places are fun to ride if you don't want to travel to far and just have to get your fix. But you'll also get tired of them real fast if they become the only place you ride. Trust me.
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Wheres the teeter-totter???!!!

I used to ride with a group every sunday during the winter of 04. They stopped riding there after the curvy bride over the creek was cut up (comm barry). Im surprised the riders havent came back since there is a new bridge now. I guess since GCC has got much better over the last 2 years, Ceres has been a little neglected. Personaly, I like ceres better.

I allways seen to make a wrong turn by all the logovers in the backside of the trails, is the Tetter near there??
Bry03cobra said:
Personaly, I like Ceres better.
Me too! GCC can be fun, but Ceres just seems more rugged & there's alot more hills/drops to jump off of. :D

Last time I was there was a couple weeks ago & have seen most of the trails back there, but still havent come accross a teeter-totter...
Now I could be wrong, because I haven't been back there in over a month, but way in the back near where Bicycle Bob (local guy who maybe homeless and travels all over Mantua and Pitman by bike) used to have his little drinking hut there was a teeter-totter. But then again it seems as though every time someone builds an obstacle back there somebody else comes and knocks it down. How many bridges have there been in the last couple of years? It's not the flowing water that has knocked them down.

I know that big "up and over" thing for lack of a better term, on the Pitman side of Rt 55 has been either knocked down or rotted out. There is also a 4 foot or so Triangle bridge (similar to a teeter totter but without the teeter) way in the back, made out of freshly cut logs. Looks very new. Some kid told me trail names once but I don't remember them. All I can tell you is head toward the back of the park, past the natural halfpipe. Go down the center trail that takes you straight to the sandy turnaround at the very edge of the park. The golf course will be on your left. You will see a log about 15 feet long and maybe 5-6 inches around on your right hand side. (If your more talented then I am you can ride the log, I've seen it done but have never managed it myself).Turn right just after that log. You will be on a windy trail that feels as though your driving in circles but it eventually spits you out at the triangle thing. The teeter-totter was in the same area. I know those directions suck but that's the best I can do.

There's a guy in his early 20's that used to have a hotmail account set up just to give people info on the park and was willing to help build obstacles if anyone was interested. Hopefully he's on this board and can chime in. I know he helped build a couple of the bridges and some of the ladder's over muddy sections.
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Riding GCC

A group ride at GCC with Ronny from Action Wheels starts this Sunday @ 9AM. They will meet at the back parking lot on the school side.

There is also a group doing short lap racing there on Tuesday nights @ 6:30PM. They meet in the back lot opposite the school.
Hey mf9point8 when were you at textile? I was there from 92-96 architecture.
ricebowls, Im actually still there. I got my BS in Computer Information Systems in December of 05 and I'll be leaving wth my MBA this august.
GCC has some decent riding, but it's so small that you'll easily get tired of the trails.
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