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Where do all the Clydes get there riding clothes from. Bike shorts seem easy to find. But as far as Jersey's go where's a good place to get some I don't want anything tight I'm looking for more of the baggy type of Jersey's.


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Dude, I'm in the same boat.

I've been looking for a new jersey for months now.

I'm looking for a downhill type as compared to the roadie type.
Haven’t found anything. The jersey I'm rocking now I got from a motocross shop, then I took it to a seamstress and had the sleeves shortened. I hate long sleeves.

Anyone know where to get a good downhill type jersey?

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I just ride in random "active performance" type shirts. They are just t-shirts that are moisture wicking and not cotton. I got some cheap FILA ones at Kohl's and a couple under armour ones from Dick's. I saw a Fox one that I liked on hucknroll, but I've not ordered it yet.

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Since I do both...

I own the lycra stuff etc. as well as the loose fitting gear.

I usually wear between L to XL, but have found myself going more and more with the cheap Champion shirts you find at places like Target. They are just as durable, loose fitting and did I mention cheap, cheap, cheap. Plus, you can wait a little and always find something that color coordinates with the rest of your stuff! :thumbsup:

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For actual bike jerseys

Yep, aerotechdesigns is a good place. I have some their sleeveless jerseys in XXXL that fit pretty well.

I also found a Pearl Izumi style that worked for me in XXL. They, and many other manufactures, make different fits, including loose/big. Unfortunately, I think PI doesn't have that style anymore, but they seem to have a few other styles that are loose fit.

Also, do a thorough search on this board. This has been addressed many times, so there are many other recommendations. It is just tough, as you know, to find actual bike jerseys that fit big guys. I usually have had to mail order and take a chance.

Of course, the other non-bike recommendations might work, but I find that even more hit or miss for me.
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